Photograph of Lynn S. Schwebach

Welcome to Bravely Creative!

I am a graphic artist, painter, photographer, and writer. Most importantly, I am creative and I try to live out my creativity every day, whether I am painting, taking pictures, writing a blog post, designing a logo, or simply being. This blog covers many topics within my creative universe. For example, I write on self promotion, branding, and social media because as an artistic entrepreneur, these topics are imperative to my livelihood.

I also write about other creative topics, such as music and musicians because I create while listening to music. I love going to concerts, especially one of my son’s jazz concerts. In short, music is a creative endeavor and it’s an integral part of my life. So is cooking. We love to eat in our family. And what state would my brain be in if I didn’t travel? I can’t imagine. Or I can, and that is not a brain or soul worth possessing.

So this blog covers a lot. Because living covers a lot. And for me, living is creating. If creativity is your passion, you will like bravelycreative.

To see my graphic design portfolio, take a look at https://bravelycreative.com/category/graphic-design-portfolio/.Photo of Lynn's hands drawing for bravelycreative.com


To see a sample of my fine art paintings and photography, take a look at www.schwebacharts.com. 

If you’re looking for a special gift and also want to see some of my fine art paintings, look around my Etsy shop at www.schwebacharts.etsy.com.

Or check out Schwebach Arts Facebook page .

Thanks for reading my blog and stay in touch. I always welcome feedback!

Lynn S. Schwebach


6 Replies to “About”

      1. Yes, indeed. And my daughter is Margaret Hartmann. I was so sorry to see Pete had passed. No doubt he and Dad are somewhere listening to jazz and having great conversations – ! Blessings, Lynn. Sue


  1. Thanks for commenting on my blog! I plan on adding more about music as well – and will had to do some on “jazz” since Pete’s musical preferences rubbed off on my son Elliott who is a jazz saxophonist. Your parents were so sweet, and your dad liked talking “finance” with Rob. So many good memories!


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