Resined Glass: Learn How to Paint and Resin Lightbulbs

by Lynn S. Schwebach

Resined glass lightbulbs make beautiful garden and planter ornaments!

Resined glass pops with color and adds drama, and painted, resined lightbulbs will add character to any garden. Plus, upcycled lightbulbs keep us mindful of the importance of recycling.

Recycling and upcycling found objects has become one of my major goals. As an artist, I am always looking for ways to create new art with items that no one wants, or that would end up in the garbage dump. After going to garage and estate sales for years, and finding boxes of old used and unused lightbulbs, I came up with a way to salvage these forgotten objects.

I decided to paint the bulbs and cover them with my favorite resin from Art Resin. This makes the bulbs useful for indoor flower pots, or outdoor gardens. The resin turns the bulbs into durable, unbreakable artworks. Additionally, the clear, epoxy resin turns the colors into vibrant, eye-catching, fun garden ornaments.

I sell these bulbs, and after getting many questions on how to reproduce them, I decided to create a video explaining my process. Add resined glass to your life and you will be searching garage sales like me to find more “resinable” objects.

This video shows you my process for this type of recycled art. If you come up with your own process, make sure to share! Happy resining!

For more videos on resining art, see How to Resin Art.

Article, photographs and video by Lynn S. Schwebach.

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