Me Too Movement—Anne Boleyn Labor Day Sale!

by Lynn S. Schwebach

The Me Too Movement (#metoo) gained momentum in October 2017 as a hashtag on social media.  Yet in 1538, 481 years before Twitter and other ubiquitous media outlets,  Anne Boleyn suffered alone. This woman endured the epic case of sexual harassment at the hands of her husband, King Henry  VIII.anneboleynmastergrouped

It took hundreds (thousands?) of  years for women to finally have a platform and the ability  to speak out, but I believe Anne Boleyn applauds the Me Too Movement from the great feminist beyond. 

For this reason,  I wanted to honor this woman who lost her life because of a dominant white male culture. A woman getting her chopped off because her husband wanted to marry another woman inspired my Me Too line of products.

Me Too Movement Labor Day Sale!

From August 31 to September 2, 2019, all of my Anne Boleyn Me Too merchandise is on sale at 20% off the original price.

Me Too Movement Anne Boleyn Shirts

Shirts available from my Etsy Shop:

This is a feminist form-fitting Anne Boleyn #metoo t-shirt for women.
A distressed, form-fitting Anne Boleyn #metoo t-shirt.

This is a feminist woman's long-sleeve me too shirt.
Long-sleeve, comfortable Anne Boleyn #metoo shirt.

This is a woman's comfortable baseball shirt with Anne Boleyn representing the #metoo movement.
The popular baseball tee withAnne Boleyn and her Me Too message.

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Don’t Forget Me Too Movement Anne Boleyn Tote Bags!

I like to think of creating my Anne Boleyn products as a great Aha! moment of creativity. To read more about this type of creative thinking, see Creative “Aha” Moments While Taking a Break.

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