How to Resin Art in 3 Steps: Step 3

by Lynn S. Schwebach

Ruach 3 is one of my resined paintings on canvas.

How to Resin Art, step 3 , shows you how to measure and pour resin on your artwork, and use tools to remove bubbles and small pieces of dust.

3-Step Process

If you’re following along with my 3-step process, you’ve watched videos one through three and now you’re ready to pour resin. To recap my how to resin art process:

How to Resin Art: Video 4

In Video four, I show you how to measure and pour resin onto your painting. I also demonstrate how to use a blow torch to remove bubbles that rise to the surface.

How to Resin Art: Video 5

In Video 5, I discuss finishing up the resin process, including removing tape, deciding on whether or not you need a second coat of resin, and possibly using sandpaper to remove spilled resin.

When mounting your artwork on canvas or a wood panel, and using resin, you do not have to frame your artwork. Simply paint the sides of the substrate and you have a beautiful, ready-to sell painting. However, sometimes framing the canvas gives it an additional piece of drama, so that will be your decision when you have completed the entire resin process.

I hope you enjoyed this series on how to resin art.

If you have any questions or suggestions (because I am always learning and welcome any tips!), please send me an e-mail.

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