How to Resin Art in 3 Steps: Step 2

by Lynn S. Schwebach

“Speaking to Clouds” is alcohol ink on Yupo paper attached to a wood panel and resined. This artwork sold in 2019.

How to resin art just got a lot easier with my 3-step process. For me, watching someone resin art is a great way to learn, so I decided to film these videos for all those wondering where to begin.

For my 3-step video instruction, I am using an alcohol ink painting on Yupo paper glued to canvas or a wood panel. This process also works for acrylic paints.

The two videos discussed in this article explain the second step in my 3-step how to resin art process. If you missed my first article on how to resin, you can read it here.

A 3-Step Process

To resin art, I use the following process:

Video 2

In Video two, I explain the differences between using canvas and a wood panel for resining art. There are differences between these two substrates, and this video will explain. I also discuss how I use gesso to prepare the surfaces.

Video 3

In Video 3, I demonstrate how to attach alcohol ink art to a canvas.

If you have already resined art and you know a thing or two, you might skip ahead to Videos Four and Five. These first three videos are for the beginner and those just learning the resin process.

And if you have any questions or suggestions (because I am always learning and welcome any tips!), please send me an e-mail.

Thank you for watching my resin art series! If you want to see more of my art, go to:


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