Resin Art in 3 Steps: Step 1

by Lynn S. Schwebach

Resin art will take your artwork to the next level. Learn how I resin art in my 5 video “how-to” series!

I describe Step 1 in this article and video.

“Garden Fire” is one of my resined pieces of art. It is an 8″ x 10″ on Yupo paper, attached to a canvas. I framed this piece, but framing is optional with resin. See “Crystal Mirrors” below.

Before we begin, let me explain why I resin some of my paintings.

A clear, shiny coat of epoxy resin over a painting will accentuate your artworks’ colors, pulling out vibrancy with a beautiful, clear hardened gloss. Resin completes a painting and preserves it in an original, dramatic way. And today, resin art is a hot product. Placed next to other art, resined paintings get the most attention. These pieces are in demand from art buyers, galleries, and art lovers.

Plus, resin offers an alternative to framing.

“Crystal Mirrors” is an alcohol ink on Yupo paper attached to a canvas. No need to frame when using resin!

I love resin. Invariably, my resined pieces always get tons of questions from other artists and the public. Now I want to answer those questions and share my resin process with you!

Resin Art in a 3-Step Process

I use the following 3-step process:

  • Gather the tools and prepare my studio for resining art (Video 1)

Video 1: Gather Your Resin and Tools

The first step (first video) is on gathering all the materials you will need to resin art on either canvas or a wood panel. If you are a beginner with resin, I recommend watching all 5 videos in order. The first video explains what materials you will need.

Video 1 details the resin and tools you will need to complete the resin process.

If you are experienced with resin, skip ahead to another video. Videos 2 and 3 show how to prepare a canvas and wood panel for resining, and how to attach a piece of Yupo paper to a canvas. Video 4 demonstrates the resin process. Video 5 is wrap up with a few more tips and tricks.

To learn about Step 2, see the article How to Resin in 3 Steps.

Thank you for watching my resin art series! If you want to see more of my art, go to:


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