Marmalead Secrets for Etsy Sellers: Get Inside Advice For Powerful Keywords

by Lynn S. Schwebach Change is a nasty word for many of us, yet if you sell art or handmade items on Etsy, you  get as cozy with this word as possible. Repugnant but true. Which is why I have to change my advice I gave you in the article I wrote and published on February 23, “Three Great Tools for Etsy Sellers.“ In that article, I told you that the Etsy tools Marmalead and Etsy Rank are similar and that each tool provides about equal advice. Less than week after I published that article, Marmalead announced (on March 5) substantial (game altering) changes to its SEO statistical software. At first, the idea of “change” made me ill. I knew I would most likely have to change my listings, again, in Etsy. (I did and I am still in the process of changing my listings.) But as I investigated, I knew I could not avoid this change. What? Why? How? So what’s the big deal? What are these changes and why are they important? I call them “insider” information changes. Somehow the IT folks at Marmalead secured a special deal or arrangement with the IT folks at Etsy, and this arrangement feeds Marmalead real Etsy shopping data. What do they mean real and was happening before this earthquake? Marmalead claims in its podcast “The Best Etsy Keyword Tool for Finding the Best Keywords for Etsy” that before this overhaul, the Marmalead software only estimated search results. However, now entering a possible a keyword into the Marmalead Search feature, the software gives you real (actual honest-to-Etsy-God) numbers. This is according to Marmalead cofounders Richie Peplin and Gordon Hardy. For example, if I enter the term “Seascape Painting” in the Marmalead Search function, I see 750 to 800 under the bars representing “Searches.” This means that 750 to 800 real shoppers search Etsy on this term each month. (These are the numbers as of June 6, 2018.) Better yet, I see 2K to 3K under the  “Engagement” bars. (Marmalead uses bars similar to cellphone power bars.) This means that the term Seascape Painting gets 2,000 to 3,000 actual “clicks” per month. Peplin and Hardy state in the podcast: “Now with our new data, you can see what number of people are clicking through and engaging with that specific keyword on Etsy. We now know exactly where the views are coming from and we’re sharing that with you! Which means bye-bye false positives, they no longer exist with Marmalead.”  No False Positives  False positives sound terrible to me but I am not about to spend extra time or energy investigating. According to Marmalead, false positives are gone. (But I do think I had many false positives as keywords in my Etsy lisitings. Just a hunch.) So in my last article, I advised you not to spend the monthly fee on Marmalead unless you absolutely can afford it. Now I have to say, as soon as you can afford it, you should consider using Marmalead. (I have no financial arrangements, deals, or relationships with Marmalead.) Marmalead will save you hours trying to find keywords for your titles and tags—and it will provide you with keywords that real, flesh and bones shoppers use. After I learned of Marmalead’s announcement, I took a few listings and used  Marmalead to find alternative keywords. Then I watched the stats on those listings. At this point, I believe the changes I made are helping my traffic. I have seen an increase in sales but I can’t contribute that increase entirely to my SEO changes — yet. However, I also have seen an increase in my “Favorites” and I do attribute that to new keywords found with Marmalead because I am getting favorites on my fine art paintings and other items that have basically gone unnoticed, and I can see from my Etsy stats that shoppers are searching on the specific keywords I found (and changed) using the new Marmalead.
After a year on my Etsy site and nearly zero views, I changed my tags and title (keywords) using the new Marmalead, and after only two days, my views and traffic for this painting increased dramatically. This abstract expressionistic painting is called Gods of the Sea. 
I am still in the process of changing my listings because I took the advice of other Etsy sellers and did not change all my listings at once. This saved my sanity, and it helped me gauge how the changes I was making were working. As I finish making SEO changes to all my listings, and I have more sales data, I will update you on whether or not I believe the keywords I found using the new Marmalead contributed to increased sales. Other Advice from Influencers and Experts  In the meantime, I recommend reading through Marmalead’s free articles or listening to their podcasts found on YouTube starting in March 2018. If you are new to Etsy or not getting any traffic to your site, and basically need a primer on the importance of titles and tags, (i.e, keywords) see “Why is no one visiting your Etsy Shop? Understanding keywords” by Ellen Breeneman Studio. I also like Renae Christine and her advice for Etsy sellers. For an excellent video on the Marmalead changes and other changes that Etsy made in 2018, see Renae Christine’s video  with Kara from the Etsy site “A Cake to Remember” (Marmalead doesn’t come into the discussion until you get about 7 minutes into this video; but the entire video is valuable for Etsy sellers.) Yes change is hard, but in this case, change is worth it. Take some time with your Etsy tags and titles, and let me know if you are using the new Marmalead and what you think. To visit my Etsy shop, go to Schwebach Arts on Etsy. To visit my fine art website, go to Schwebach Arts. Follow me on Instagram: @schwebacharts

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