Strange, Creative Trees and Frito Toes in Minneapolis

Officially, it’s summer – just in case you haven’t noticed. After two weeks of a fantastic pastel painting class with Laurie Beth Zuckerman in Fort Collins,  I packed my car and headed to the Midwest.

My first stop was Minneapolis. Creative gardens and garage doors, skyscrapers, thrift stores, strange  trees, and friendly residents gave my trip a colorful, creative edge. Of course, visiting the newest member of our family, Siri, was the highlight. (They had her name picked out before Apple announced its Siri.)

I haven’t been faithful to my blog,  but I hope to post more articles as I continue my summer travels. In the meantime, here are some of my favorite images from Minneapolis.


A sales woman – also an artist- in the thrift store Ragstock on Lake Street in Minneapolis.


A garage  door located in the funky Uptown area of Minneapolis.


I literally saw a painting walking past me on Lake Street in Minneapolis.


Does anyone know the name of the these strange trees in Minneapolis? I also saw one that had gray fuzzy blooms. What  the hell? (WTH)


Siri’s toes: according to my son Jake, “Frito toes.”


I happened to notice this house while waiting for the bus on Bryant Street. For a minute, I thought I was in England.


Taken from a bridge on  the campus of the University of Minnesota.

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