Keith Kimmels’ Eyes and Art Reflect the World


Organic by Keith Kimmel

by Lynn S. Schwebach

I connected with North Carolina artist Keith Kimmel through the organization “Artist’s Assembled” in Fort Collins, Colorado. After “friending” him on Facebook, I spent a long time viewing his art on his Timeline, and couldn’t stop looking. As one of his friends commented: “It really speaks to me.” Now I look forward to seeing his new posts – which come with great alacrity.

Amazed at his creative output, I became curious. How does this artist’s mind work? What drives him to paint, to create? So I sent him some questions over e-mail, and here’s what I received. His answers formed a dialogue that aptly fits the personality of his paintings.

Bravelycreative: How did you get interested in art (at what age)? Did you go to college, and if so, did you major in art? Where are you from?

 I was born in Miami Beach. I never got interested in art; I got interested in life – in beauty, in soul, in the essence of who I am/was, and am still to be. I majored in English, spent a bit of time in the digital arena after that. I think I owned one of the first Web design companies in Miami.

Bravelycreative: How would you describe your art?

I’ve given up describing my art. You can describe it.

(Bravelycreative: I’m not sure how to describe your art Keith without using a bunch of clichés and overused “art” terms. And your art doesn’t really fit any of those terms anyways. After viewing your art, I feel as if I have seen an outstanding play or concert, or read a great book – it’s art that resonates with the ineffable spirit of life.)

 Bravelycreative: Do you do art fulltime? Where? If so, how are you able to support yourself fulltime as an artist? Is it tough? Is it worth it? 

I do life fulltime, which includes being creative nearly 24/7. Life is tough. Full-time life is tough. But it’s also amazing.

Bravelycreative: How important is creativity to you? How would you describe or define your creativity or how it aids in the creation of your projects? Are you creative in all aspects of your life?

This is such a strange question. There is no importance in my life in regards to creativity. It is important for me to be authentic, to fear nothing, to walk healthy, to be alive, to love life, which means loving myself – and to be grateful and happy.

(Bravelycreative: Thank you Keith for reminding me that individuals don’t sit down and analyze their creativity, they just create – because they have to.)

 Bravelycreative: If you weren’t an artist, what would you be?

 Am I an artist? How can I answer this question? That’s like saying if you weren’t you what would you be? I can’t imagine being anything but what I am.

Bravelycreative: When not creating, what are your interests and passions?

 I am interested in everything. I look at the world like a palette, like a movie screen – an intense plethora of passion.

Bravelycreative: Do you have any advice for those seeking a career as an artist?

 Seek a career in life. Find ways to get money from anybody who will help. Do not obsess on how you are going to survive.

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